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Pride Marketing Done Right

Upholding the LGBTQIA+ Pride agenda should be more than just a metric nor the most colorful slide in the marketing deck. Here’s how to do it right.

We’ve seen brands pinkwash left and right (or top and bottom) annually in June to either a) highlight their stance on key LGBTQIA+ issues, b) be pleasing to an audience that thrives on the woke economy or c) turn a profit by riding the pink-moneyed, Instagram-worthy trend that will most likely populate their feeds. But, upholding the LGBTQIA+ Pride agenda should be more than just a metric nor the most colorful slide in the marketing deck. Here’s how to do it right.

1. Instead of disingenuous Pride merchandise released only in June, do it the whole year, forever. Communicate that proceeds from the sale of these non-seasonal items will go to causes relevant to the LGBTQIA+ community such as HIV Awareness, homelessness, or unemployment. 

Undergarment brand Bombas is doing it right by donating to homeless LGBTQIA+ youth. Instead of another limited-edition rainbow-colored tote that goes out of sale by July, develop a product, and support it with initiative, that actually makes sense.

2. Publish a report on your company or brand’s DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) status quoThis report could enumerate certain policies you have in place protecting queer individuals in the organization, the number of members in your team who identify as queer, and their experiences within the organization. 

This report (ideally crafted annually) will also encourage the company to explore and install policies that uphold DEI in the workplace, if need be. Best to publish this report on your socials and newsletters.

3. Establish a long-term partnership with LGBTQIA+ organizations. Build a partnership with them where they can aid your team members regularly on SOGIESC trainings and updates in exchange of donations to their causes or build a synergy around both of your resources to craft meaningful content and education for your team members and brand audience. 

The Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce, a pioneering organization in Asia, is one entity worth building partnerships with, as they have built alliances before with organizations such as Home Credit Philippines and brands such as Barbierro Barbershop, where they hold regular SOGIESC sessions for their barbers.

By building these relationships, your brand receives recognition and your campaign receives help from organizations who have dedicated themselves in championing LGBTQIA+ causes.

Through implementing initiatives that are not tokenizing nor pinkwash-material but authentic, creative and sustainable, brands and organizations hold the power in moving conversations through their respective customer base.

Studio Hibang, the Filipino LGBTQ+ branding and design studio, provides assistance to brands and organizations who wish to strengthen their campaigns for diversity, equity and inclusion.

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