Barbierro Barbershop: Brand Identity and Brand Marketing

HOME brand identity & brand marketing Barbierro Barbershop THE BRIEF Deliberately setting itself apart from popular barbershops that are masculine, sleek, dapper and traditional, Barbierro Barbershop envisioned itself to be unapologetically queer. From its logo, messaging, services, interiors, and over-all feel, Studio Hibang positioned it to be a fun, premier player in the entry-level mid-priced […]

Grupo Avari: Corporate Branding and Visual Identity

HOME CORPORATE BRANDING & VISUAL IDENTITY Grupo Avari THE BRIEF Brand Marketing agency Grupo Avari envisioned a more sophisticated, alpha female, villain-chic feel to their visual identity and social media materials. Known to help brandsĀ  and CEOs through sessions and assist them as fractional CMO, Grupo Avari envisioned a brand identity refresh that celebrates clean, […]