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Barbierro Barbershop


Deliberately setting itself apart from popular barbershops that are masculine, sleek, dapper and traditional, Barbierro Barbershop envisioned itself to be unapologetically queer.

From its logo, messaging, services, interiors, and over-all feel, Studio Hibang positioned it to be a fun, premier player in the entry-level mid-priced community-based Barbershop category.

Barbierro Barbershop, touted as the Philippines' first queer barbershop, offers superior grooming within a comfortable, safe space for all.


Departing from the usual black and white-themed Barbershoop brands, Barbierro opted for a more playful, nautical colorway: Cloudburst Blue, Buttercup Yellow, Alizarin Crimson Red, and Panache White. They provided the perfect backdrop to an illustration of Barbs the Merman, the brand mascot, holding up a razor and a pair of scissors.

The nautical theme continues with the use of blues and whites on the social media collaterals and some beribboned elements. Gold proves to be the perfect accent color on some print and physical executions.

Its brand identity? Playful, relaxed, camp and at times self-deprecating!



As a barbershop situated within South Luzon’s booming real estate districts and emerging upper-middle class neighborhoods such as Biñan City, key brand marketing initiatives include a more community-based approach. This means relying not only on paid ads to acquire new customers, but also to ensure its existing customer base is taken cared of.

Customer feedback is harvested regularly through SMS blasts (utilized for socials, website, and Barber appraisal), promos are blasted to customers through text, and promos such as the Pasa-Cut Card aims to expand the customer base through referral. 

The Barbierro website design ensures not only visibility and showcase but enables Clients to set appointments (which is also available through social media, phone call or text) quickly. 

The social media content plan also highlights a variety of narratives other than the usual showcase of Barbershop Clients and Services: from quirky testimonials to interesting listicles, from insider peek to comforting self-help pieces.